What Is Mun Suk Dol

“MUN SUK DOL” is a patent stone which is made of combination of mainly 8 minerals It is also called the “GOD of Good Health” and Company has stamped SPAN SURE LOGO on each ‘MUN SUK DOL  STONES’ of all the Products to avoid the duplicacy  and to ensure the quality of the stone & the product.‘MUN SUK DOL’ is a South Korean name which means the stone which It means “Energy and Far Infrared Rays Provider Stone”. It is called ‘the God of Good Health and Energy’.
In SPANSURE Medical We have made a special combination of Mun Suk Dol in the products. This Stone is made of 8 minerals like Tourmoline, Germanium, Magnesium & Precious Serpentine etc which gives maximum Far Infrared Rays benefits.
FAR INFRARED RAYSThese days the health problems are just seen getting pilled up every where like never before. Even if we count only a span of past five years, the static calculation of fitness and wellbeing issues has been record breaking. We come to conclusions of this fast moving and mechanical sort of life style being the reason, completely or partially, responsible for such an enormous reduction in the number of hale and hearty happy faces but today we need to start putting our efforts for making the situation better with an solution. Leading professionals like SPANSURE understands, neither any one likes nor has time for appointments with doctors and following a regular medicine time table, therapy with far infrared rays fits right in here giving us the answers to our health and fitness concerns.What are far infrared rays?
Far infrared rays are any radiated rays which lie in the Infrared region, between the visible rays and microwaves, of the electromagnet radiations. Far Infrared sounds like is a typical scientific term, but in simple words they are waves of energy, an energy of warmth which gets emitted from all living animals, plants and Sun and these rays are not visible to us with naked eyes.

How do Far Infrared rays help us?
The exposure to different types of rays shows different effects on our bodies. Generally, the exposure to the rays with shorter wavelengths an pose a lot of harm to our bodies whereas and interaction with light rays of larger wavelengths tends to be beneficial for us. Far Infrared rays, being neared to the red light in the spectrum, have quite large wavelength and thus provide us with numerous benefits to avail for ensuring a robust body and mind and never burns our skin.

The working of Far Infrared Therapy
Far Infrared rays affects the well being of a living body to great extents. The treatments and therapies to cure and restore our health uses the healing and beneficial qualities possessed by these far infrared rays and use them finely for our helps.
Far infrared rays are the emitted waves of warm energy from living bodies as well. The intensity of the far infrared rays which gets emitted from our body keeps on fluctuating all the time and the change in the fluctuations of these infrared rays have our health aligned adjacently with them.
So, when the intensity of emitted far infrared rays is high, it keeps us healthy and illness free but on the contrary when the intensity of far infrared starts to go down it affects our wellbeing in opposite manner, makes us feel low, diseased and makes us prone to aging.
The proficient modern day therapists like SPANSURE medicals use this fact for ensuring our health by the heat of far infrared rays. In the therapy, they penetrate deep into our skin it stimulates all bodily functions to well and plays fine with our temperate, restoring us into a robust psyche and physic. Far infrared therapy is a sure shot way of busting all your stress and find a good health with an enjoyable experience with excelling therapists like SPANSURE!