| V3 Super Thermal Massage Bed
thermal massage bed , massage chair
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V3 Super Thermal Massage Bed

The SPAN SURE V3 PLUS super has latest 3D & Intellegent Spine Scanning technology,Back Lifting System, Special Breathing Programs,Heavy duty automatic jade rollers bed, Music System relax your mind and body and feel fresh with this smart Span Sure V3 Plus super Thermal Massage Bed.Give the Best Gift to your family by using the Span Sure V3 Plus super Massage bed.with higher levels of Jade Stones Rollers intensity of Acupressure.The internal rollers will do Automatic Spine Scanning (measure the height and measure degree ).It will work from Head to Tail Bone with best comfort zone of Breathing Program..The internal projector covers the pressure points by running between the points of Spine {Cervical, Thoracic, Lumber, Sacral, Coccyx Vertebrae…

Carbon Fiber Heating Plate

Best Quality FOAM

Lifting Motor


  • It is spectrum of electromagnetic radiation.
  • Wavelength-15 to 1 micrometers.
  • Used for treatment on human body of biological structure (including cells, cell membranes, cell fluids – especially water, DNA/proteins) and function of living system.
  • FIR energy is absorbed by  vibrational levels of bonds in molecules.
  • It used as therapeutic modality the alternative terms “biogenetic radiation” and “biogenetic rays”.
  • Its energy is sufficient to exert rotational and vibrational modes of motion in bonds forming the molecules (water molecule) as well as resonate with cellular frequencies.
  • Its nature is absorption of the infrared rays by the body begins with the expulsion of carbon dioxide.
  • All living bodies have toxins (waste material, poisons) which accumulate at the body joints.
  • FIR may improve the immune system by giving protection against harmful viruses and bacteria.
  • Improve the of the body defense system.
  • may stop the increase of cancer cells.
  • FIR treatments include rheumatiod arthritis, paralysis, diabetes, lyme disease, multiple sclerosis.
  • It is also used in medical treatment for Metabolism, Blood Circulation, Hypertension, Low Blood Pressure, Dementia, Mental Disease of the Elderly, Traffic Accident Victim, Lymphatic Gland, Stress.