SpanSure | spansure massage chair in delhi india
The SPAN SURE Natural Jade stones Fully Automatic Spine Thermal massage Bed is a combination of eastern medical knowledge and western technology.
spansure massage chair in delhi india
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The ethos and credo of SPANSURE Medical is to give huge incentive and best sales promotional offers to our Dealers & Disrtibutors and to help them grow by selling more products.

We are proud to say that we have the un-paralleled best quality thermal massage beds. The quality is our products is the root of our success. Our HT1 Commercial Fully Automatic thermal massage bed is considered as one of the best product and recommended by many Doctors & Chiropractors all over the world.

We not only guide our business associates in terms of providing them training on ‘how to grow business’ , ‘ enhancing technical competency’ & ‘ effective marketing strategy ‘ , but also we provide them full support in every possible way such as giving them highest incentive and promotional offers etc. Due to our customer and business associates friendly policies, SPANSURE Medicals is growing @ 400 %.

We ‘SPANSURE MEDIACLS’ welcomes you all business minded and career oriented people to join us and become a successful business associate.

Call us at Toll free no. 1800 2700 607

Great Business Opportunity in Trillion Dollar Industry !

  1. Trillion dollar growing industry
  2. Need of every family
  3. Never ending demands
  4. Good Status & Great profits !
  5. SPANSURE Franchisees give you a promising Bright future in the Health Industry !
  6. Requirements for a SPANSURE Center Franchisee require :An entrepreneur mind individual. Who want to show his/ her capability .Area of 1500 to 2000 sq. ft (rented or owned)Investments:- 5 lacs to 25 lacs
  7. Expected Income :- 50,000 to 3 lacs per month
  8. SPANSURE Support:Location Survey,Pre-opening servicesMarketing & Branding Support, Training
  9. After-sales Support and Customer Relationship Management Support etc.

1. Also encourage small entrepreneur by giving a chance to grow with us by opening a small commercial centre and

2. provide service to the local area people and make handsome profits.
3. Few places where SPANSURE Products can be used commercially
4. Residential House
5. Yoga Centre
6. Health, Fitness Centers and Gyms
7. Spa and Salon
8. Ayurveda Centers
9. Homeopathy Clinics
10. Dispensaries
11. Physiotherapy Centers
12. Alternative Therapy Centers
13. Resorts & Clubs
14. Holistic Health and Healing Centers
15. High School, College, Minor League, and, Professional Athletic Facilities


Company Support
Training Support
Merchandising like T-Shirts, Caps, Canopy etc.
Fastest Growing Business
Social Image
Zero Risk
Recognized Brand
High Returns
For detailed information’s..

Kindly  email us at . Our Business Development Team will be in contact with you shortly for further discussions.