About Us

SPAN SURE Medical Instruments Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading company in the Thermal Massage Beds, Healthcare & Medical Equipment’s .SPAN SURE is the first Indian company to introduce Super Thermal Massage Bed that contains super natural “Jade stone”. Our Aim is to provide quality healthcare equipment at the reasonable prices to the society. Span Sure Medical is the Partner of Health & Health Group. (The  of World’s Biggest Group in the Thermal massage Bed Industry) having 1000 Demo Therapy Centers all across & exporting Quality Thermal Massage beds over 35 Countries.

We offer massage solutions in many situations. Whether you are on the go or have an injury that needs rehabilitation. Far Infrared Heat is the key to SPANSURE Health & Health Calgary’s business. The SPANSURE Automatic Thermal Massager eases sore muscles and aches and pains from arthritis. It helps improves blood circulation, reduces stress, improves posture and relaxes the entire body.  To be effective, it is recommended that you use your SPANSURE Therapy every day or every other day to gain full benefits and begin the healing process.

About SPANSURE and Jade Stones Beds :

The SPAN SURE  Natural Jade stones Fully Automatic Spine Thermal Massage Bed is a combination of eastern medical knowledge and western technology. Jade Stones emits Far Infrared Rays when heated, Far Infra-red heat penetrates deep into the body up to 10 centimetres and gives ultimate benefits to the human body.